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Eh up. This community is soley for airing my bordeom induced comic, blobcentre. Its not exactly up to par with the greats, but it passes the time. Join and do whatever, just make it relevant like, I'm not too fussed aslong as its related in some vaugue way to the comic.

Cast (so far.. I'll be updating this as new characters are shown)

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Gavin Turnall - The lead of this story is, frankly, a lazy, scheming, weasely weasel. (or ferret). Gavin has been in and out of jobs since he left school, always to be relieved of his position due to some personal misdemeanor or under the nose fiddle. On one of his more lengthy periods of employment, he met and was taken pity on by the receptionist Rachel, who took him in upon his next sacking, ostensibly as a temporary accommodation. Gavin never actually left, and still lives in Rachel's flat in Fulham.

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Rachel Lowe - Rachel is Gavin's long suffering girlfriend who lives with him in the flat. Rachel has resigned herself to her other half's hastily constructed employment-avoiding schemes, whilst gently trying to nudge him into a work-ethic and a job. Her attempts are usually in vain. Rachel works as a receptionist at the agency where Gav briefly worked in the past, before he was sacked for peddling office supplies on the street outside.

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Paul Bullins - Gavin's new jobcentre advisor. A single minded man who will never stop in his quest to get our budding lazy arsed gobshyte into employment, Paul replaced Gavin's original advisor, Colin, after he suffered a nervous breakdown.